Organized Chaos

by Lovell

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released January 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Lovell Los Angeles, California

An elevated thinker, for a more level-headed age. Lovell is the next level at all times.From Los Angeles to NYC, the young wordsmith is utterly captivating, boasting a more mature sound that has earned him the title of a Don.

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Track Name: Live & Let Die
(Verse 1)
Opening credits roll, I hope you had yo folgers folks cuz this one could be a lengthy ride. 4am till the sun rise again on the followin day his pride, wouldntt ever allow him to let anybody elses drive outmatch his own grind cousin he really puttin in the time, overtime all the time sip the gin to ease his mind cigarillo for the pine split the middle break it down. Told us, he was on a mission, although impossible it isn't, pimpin it ain't easy tho , so he hide and go got em seekin keep away with polices pro fessionals tis the season, to be illegit receivin tenfold even mo dough. They ain't finna takin this here, got his alias on the shippin labels to keep it sincere. moniker Johnny Doe if they kick in the do was how he chose to play it, so nigga you could just prolly save it, if you only talkin 9 just holla when you make it. otherwise he out plainclothes find em like Waldo Beverly center, Havin dinner with miss amazing. Swiftly through the ranks the location was cascaded incessant blazing, cuz he stress free livin off of greenhouse payments.

(Hook 1)
Nigga please, I dont even hear it if it aint a G. Im in soho in the city with a lil skinny, prolly plottin got my shades on feelin like I'm Diddy. She toppin me while we atop the tree, 123 now we at APC. Baby say she wanna go I got that green light, baby say she wanna fly I got them wings right.

(Verse 2)
Wearing that designer denim, a Paris company comfortably fit up in em. On chill at the crib but fit the description the quintessential depiction when they lined all of us up and put the faces to the matchin pictures. 20 deep when they raided, we were coolin sippin some lemonade that baby made shaded cuz of course we all hella faded. You know me tho, soon as my bro hit my phone, and told me he had sixty flavors of the highest graded, all A's I was out the door but damn my nigga definitely should've waited. Too bad I played myself, my hand ain't even touch the handle fo they shot out the tazer player. Took me in and asked me 121 questions where'd you get all of that dope, we guessed who yo connect is and where you sell it see we just followed the aroma straight to where yo set is. But it's all for free, independently distributed, member of the hustle team.

(Hook 2)
Nigga what, I dont even hear it if it aint a G. we at the cliff Im in my city in with a lil skinny, prolly plottin got my shades on feelin like I'm Diddy. She toppin me while we atop the tree, 123 now we at APC. Baby say she wanna go I got that green light, baby say she wanna fly I got them wings right.
Track Name: Hold Your Applause
All black funeral attire, ain't widdit if she wearing wires. Pat Em down for we let em in to the assembly, no leaks, this is strictly for members ears. My closest niggas and a couple hot bitches holdin on to some cold ass agendas. Creatin history with this here league of distinguished killas and we meetin bout some businesses, inhaling hella fire smoke exhale it then we extinguish the competition never saw it comin, prolly because, they way overdue for an updated prescription. Suffering from cloudy vision. She could tell the difference, know I'm bout it bout it, rarely talk about it but my lifestyle so descriptive. Bitch can smell that ambition, wanna be around it. Countdown till the crown lands in the hands of its most worthy owner, most potent smoker, stoner but currently itching for a corona. Wait, I just can’t, never change Simba motor, Flow smoother than a Tony Parker floater late in the 4th quarter. Fuckin polar, glass of Hennessy neat, hold the rocks and the coca cola. Tidy up the bed, clean the sheets, clock the beat on the head bloody murder no struggle motive was the bread. Foreign terrain, in the middle of the east, we stay calm cuz we stay with that bomb. Got it directly from the Wild Wild West on the arm every week, but it's strong enough to flex, shouts to my connect I, never mention ya name I promise respect. Cuz In this game dishonor only comes after death mayne. For that, I ain't got no wishes the 3 of mine went to the paper, the power and plenty mo riches. Let them lames chase the fame, scaramanga Eddie Kane frame em all in the same picture. My nigga, yeah this shit a race, but it's a 42K so I'm stayin in my lane. Whiskey tortoise shell frames on, got a heavily steady pace to home plate call that first place. Birthed in the H, that ward trey to be exact, with bitches on my side and mo bitches on my back, raised all over LA where them youngin's stay strapped with them big ass macs I had the louder quarter pounder pack so laid back. Thus emerged unscathed Always had a plan to be the muhhfuckin man that I already am ya see. And these niggas tell they chicks they can't stand me, but catch me in the city yall instantly tryna gram me. Told, one day I could potentially win a Grammy,but if I dont this is still a dope hustle, for my whole hustlin ass family. Word to my brother, 2 tapes out the way we and nah we waitin on another. Underground covered up the way in, weighed in walked out to the crowd patiently waitin, front line chicks scream my name while they wavin, wishin for position and placement hahaha shawty prolly got way too high and thought that I was her guy but I'm double 07 not double 0 save em. Gave em plenty, about 365 more than many reasons to believe in the fall of 2014 Lovell season. If you didn't get it Im the man here lately, achievin legendary status in this first chapter. Destroy the verse in a reverse pattern. Reversed the verse and I destroyed the pattern. Hold yo applause for after.
Track Name: Country Boy
Time and time again I listened to the preacher speakin, positioned on the right side in the third row my momma sittin right beside, "boy quit peekin and bow yo head and close yo eyes, you sposed to be prayin, you boutta make me pull out this ruler and pop ya try me and keep on playin" Meanwhile back at the ranch, me and the homie passin a quarter forth and back, scratchin X's and O's all in the pew back with my signature attached, lord please forgive me for my sins for I been killin this nigga in tic tactical toe, poppovich plotted a flawless diagram to get this win. I was Prolly round the age of 10, or maybe it was 9 either way I was preoccupied, wasn't lookin to find the time to really pay attention to the sermon nigga I was writin verses in my bible, unauthorized canon uhhh. That was then and this is now, now then that was and this is. Still remain planted firm on my word, heard these other herbs lost they balance cant handle the game's dirt. Shitt seem like to me they need to chill with all that thizz, thats why I keep my mind on mine and never mindin his. Known to stay to my own, adhering to the code that the G's of old from way before constructed and left for us to follow. Treat the game like Magic I could take it coast to coast to the hole I'm Showtime at the Apollo, but I'm also prone to throw the lob to my potna.

Me and You
Yo momma and yo cousin too
Ridin' down labrea boutta hit 'Scoes
Rollin up pine number 9 on them hoes
Track Name: GroundWork
(Verse 1)
Layed back, might kick my feet up but always workin. Haitian hunger cuz for that paper I got the munchies. My pockets hurtin, yall wonder why I ain't afraid to say it bluntly potna I done came too far and been through way too much, but I bounced back like a bungee you lookin grumpy. See the hate, permanently marked on every feature of ya face. Sharpie should send you a check and letter of thanks for the way you rep they set, frontman puppet, equivalent to Tae Bo's Billy Blanks. Can't lie, down for a second, quickly rose because sleep was threatening to snatch up my investments. Take em to the bank, split up a swisher and fill it with dank. Do it all sippin Fiji water, cuz you really are what ya drank. Check my vintage timepiece for the current hour, supposed to leave at 4:30 got about 10 to shower. My bro VA just did a bid and now he home, when I link up with him we facin that Henny to the dome, blowin strong.
Takin my time, y'all the witnesses I'm on the climb, Everest high, what the mission is so check ya pine, I was told a really long time ago go and get that dough but watch ya mistresses I'm watchin mine.

(Verse 2)
A Next level situation is what I'm awaitin, movin to make it I'm cool but never complacent. Prolly facin a pack of them cookies, love the way it's tastin laughin at them basic bitches who chasin the paper getters. Ditch diggers, casin the place for golden tickets got caught up in the trenches with them fools and didnt even know the difference. I'm indifferent left em swimmin, hella dollas in my vision, Helen Keller perception couldn't see me with no prescription. I'm, poolside chillin. No trunks rollin skunk shawty sittin at my side and she jack sippin. Still winnin simply think about it for a minute, better like simply you second hands is hittin the minute. Made a move for center position in my division, diggin the minors for ditchin all of the major listens. Paper driven if you laker hatin you ain't ridin with me homie you can gon and forget about splittin swishers.

(Verse 3)
Mmmm...had to pause to get my mind right. Somewhere between '09 and last spring got my lines tight. Used to be at the 24 up on Slauson like 24 hours crossin up ages 18-80, quick split the D and I lost em. Lil Slim you see on my side, slightly thinner than Kim but she just as eager to ride, its awesome. My OG had the RR sittin outside, no tarp to cover it up when you bossin you aint got shit to hide. Can't kill nothin wont nothin die. Verses from the wise to youngster followin on the rise. A simple word just aint gon cut it with these knuckleheads. We in desperate need of them realer nigga scriptures instead. You the type to buckle in the midst of the struggle, chuckle. Playa prolly ruffle ya feathers in inclement weather, scared, but however I'm luggin around this Nike Duffle...stackin my sour cream and cheddar ruffles.
Track Name: President Elect
They been waitin for somethin new, from the elusive or the mr too exclusive. Mr he would make the news if, he would Eddie Murphy trading places style switch up his content, be mo conscious like common or Nas, but Im not shit. Not ignorant, but ima say, exactly what it is I wanna right when I'm feelin it got you feelin it too. Stayed true to myself and all my niggas,too. Came through without the help of somebody else. Potna take a good look around, everything you see I built with my own hands from the ground up. All the while Smokin hella pounds up. Everybody single file, sayin that they waitin to go chase that paper I wasn't playin, stepped outside the line so they say I'm outta bounds but I'm bound get mine. Pull a three, hand in the face, 5 seconds leftt yo bitch on the sideline pullin out her hair, fallin out her chair get her player, it was only 2 that we were down. Cold blooded, roll through the public puffin on prerolled big bats like fuck it. Pass that, Oh and that jumper I stuck it. Cashed that, got my chick mad lookin at me with the stank face cuz I accidentally ashed in her liquor glass without askin her. Casual, you can find that one on page 4 line 20 of the stoner's manual. Factual, never fabricated actuals. Gold face on my vintage time keeper never plated. Bring yo face close to the speaker baby this shit gold, couldn't fake it. Fools hatin, wishin they could take our places.
Track Name: Unsportsmanlike
These niggas ain't higher than I. Even with a S cape on nigga yo attire ain't fly. Standin out, gon and get ya cameras out fan yo old lady boy she passin out. Must've caught a whiff and a glimpse when I was passin by, deadly. Ain't my business I was headed where the bread be. Rappin til it hook em in the jaw and now they scared. Flow snuff em on the nose, sneaky but hella cold. Now you tweakin and yo speech seem kinda slow, code red. Yo bitch is creepin bro, asked me if I could keep it a secret tho. Begging me to beat it and I told her Ima tweet it, didn't even fuck her so I wouldn't really call it cheatin tho. But I ain't playin fairly, stony face to those opposin homie I ain't playin barely. And on my worst day I'm a liter full of Bombay, blowin strong always, you a Bloody Mary and the shit you tryna pass for Grade A lookin strange'. Jasper frames on, my eyes stay bloody from that Mary. This is what you mistakenly thought that you could do, when you had yo homie that hustle put up that dough to throw you in the stu. See the game is a jungle and you monkey ass niggas don't eem got about a bar or two. Gorillas raised me, on the other hand Ima native, dues paid em. Kicked back under trees shaded, rollin another Jane feedin me grapes, while we laughin at ya tryna get acclimated. Shits very entertainin, she could tell a pawn in the plot from a king in the makin. You made her drizzle, but off of a swisher I could have that guhh rainin suckin them nipples so damn insane and, crazy ass, can ya blame him. Hit the gas, grab the flamer, off the dash. Ashed it for I passed it to my homie sittin in the back watchin ESPN classics. The one about Ervin Magic and the great white hope from Indy state. Niggas caught all the accolades ncaa. Let sway know I think I got the answer over here, don't call on me tho cuz I'm at the standard buyin dummy pitchers in their garden of biers. cheers to the youngin who was in his pajama dreamin bout flyin lears with my peers.
Track Name: Ninety-Two Hovercraft
Infamous chillin, reflectin on how I thought I had outdone myself upon finishin my last written. That shit was sickenin but trippin, if it ever even for, half of a minute thought it was fuckin with this one. This shit that you listenin to is that choppin game with ya OG, dippin on rodeo discussin dollas and change homie. Silver spur ridin 85 with the vanilla job, caramel top used to have me with the bucket scrubbin Tf, up out them window panes. Lotta things happened over the years we went through some major pains, Damon Wayans, couldn't put no fear up in my lil nigga mayne, risin to the top cream of the crop I hit the shop on labrea and pico to cop a zone of that fire smoke, I really can't leave it alone hit it twice and you choke. It's really strong, stay away from them hoes clip that shit there, throw me the roach I'll stuff it in the bong smell that OG Kush cologne.

Take the swisher out the wrapper,
Break it Down,
Roll up that killa then we pass it round,
Lifted up off the ground,
my nigga you don't smoke.
Track Name: Groundwork V.2
(Verse 1)
A passionate curse, addicted to fashion, rappin and packin up them bowls full of Cali earth. James Sparrow, captain of this vessel we done been to every league and actually captured every medal. Look how quick I'm lappin Yall and I aint even press my pedal. Leveled up, plugged a harder bass then I raised the treble. Orchestrated this evening's entertainment paid the paper for the painter to make his no brainer presentation on the current state of players in the ghetto. L-O-V-E-double L doe, I spell it out for the fellow, who was thinkin bout bringin over that single cigarillo. Type to settle for shingles instead of tryna snatch the elbow. Hell no, silly nigga I want that whole motherfuckin boat and ima hustle hard until I get it, Ross grunt, but potna listen, I ain't even tryna stunt, that toothpick you rolled right there, we ain't even finna let you call it a blunt, cool? Nahh it don't matter what you thunk. Smooth nigga Chillin with them cool dealers, we don't really pass em to brothers who ain't with us. Elevated, elevators, elevate us Prolly pass em on the way up ridin with they sisters. That's when they start to hate ya and now they wanna kill ya, steal ya chair, while you standin in the mirror tryna pick out the bullshit ya enter stage right yo killer & former nigga.
Track Name: Checkmate
Had the scope focused on her, from across the room. I locked in on it, but played it extra cool she ain't even notice. Way too caught up in them club lights livin in the moment. Showed up, posing for Instagram pictures with a couple of her finest homies, along with seven promoters. Line stupid double wrapped around the corner, sho nuff boutta go up. Half full glass of henny we already po'd up. I'm in the cut, kinda lurkin but actually concerned with searchin for a napkin or sumn similar to wipe my shirt. Nothin happened exactly, I was just takin preventive action. Them Bottles poppin, me and my people got both feet up on the table, burnin chiba, talkin paper discussin these busted bitches and laughin. They mostly average, pickings slim to anorexic no investment tho just careful who you draftin. Stackin my passion, way mo than I dig attractin the baddest smashes like Cassius, could bag her all off the love but did it strictly off the swagger, and my haircut too. Ohh and she say she like my jacket, asked if I would come through. Right after, the evenings, activities, I came through she threw it back at me and came too then I came too. Private Lovell, got major swang salute me mayne she'll do it publicly but I Told her she can't roll with me, less she roll it up for me.

I'm not tryna play you,
this shit aint no joke,
I'm gon roll this weed up,
hit the kush blow it out my nose.
Track Name: Layed Up
Started out it was just me and you. We made a thing of somethin, that really began as slightly less than nothin, then somehow it came true. Since the last one, barely trust em so I only spoke ya body’s language. Now all of a sudden, the topic of the conversations quickly changin and I’m lustin for ya brain more than I wanna touch and rub ya frame. Or just as much, but damn that brain I really need with no discussion, full disclosure copped some weed and henny hoping you’d come over, nah I’m bluffin. Used to see you out at all the functions maybe say wassup but never had intentions of cuffin, but now I’m, the blues in yo left thigh pressed on becomin, the funk that's in yo right. Tonight you can hit them lights like we secret lovin. Buttered toast and honey bunches, of oats for breakfast tomorrow morning, less you talking pancakes after the wake and bake with a glass of orange. Hold ya knee, up, while I lay down the beat, and The melodies, of, the lives we lead can mesh into a harmony.

You feel me,
I'm in your jeans,
Grind slowly,
Toes Curling,
I'ma give you what I got,
Let me take you to the top,
I'ma make that ass drop,
You gon' make my body rock
Oooh Daddy let me slide down ya pole,
Oooh Daddy take you to the endzone
Oooh Daddy let me sit up on ya throne

(Alt Hook)
I'ma put that thang on ya,
I'ma do my thang on ya,
Catch me while I throw it back,
You not gon' know how to act.

You make me love makin' love,
I used to only wanna fuck,
You make me love makin' love,
You make me love makin' love.