by Lovell

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Laying the foundation x The Takeover


(Verse 1) Laid back, might kick my feet up but always workin. Haitian hunger, cuz for that paper I got the munchies. My pockets hurtin, yall wonder why, I aint afraid to say it bluntly potna I done came too far and been through way too much, but I bounced back like a bungee. You lookin grumpy, see the hate permanently marked on every feature of ya face. Sharpie should send you a check and letter of thanks for the way you rep they set, frontman puppet equivalent to Tae Bo's Billy Blanks. Cant lie down for a second quickly rose because sleep was threatening to snatch up my investments. Take em to the bank, split up a swisher fill it with dank. Do it all sippin fiji water, cuz you really are what you drink. Check my vintage timepiece for the current hour, supposed to roll at 4:30, got about 10 to shower. My bro VA just did a bid and now he home, when I link up with him we facin that Henny to the dome & blowin strong.

Takin my time, yall the witnesses I'm on the climb.
Everest high, what the mission is so check ya pine.
I was told, a really long time ago. Go and get that dough,
but watch ya mistresses, I'm watchin mine.

(Verse 2)
Uhhhh a next level situation is what I'm awaitin, movin to make it I'm cool, but never complacent. Prolly facin a pack of them cookies, love the way its tastin. Laughin at them basic bitches who chasin the paper getters. Ditch Diggers. Casin the place for golden tickets, got caught in the trenches with them fools and didnt even know the difference. I'm indifferent, left em swimmin. Hella dollas in my vision, Helen Keller perception couldn't see me with no prescription. I'm, poolside chillin. No trunks, rollin skunk. Shawty sittin at my side and she jack sippin, still winnin simply think about it for a minute. Better like simply, you second hands still hittin the minute. Made a move for center position in my division, diggin the minors for ditchin all of the major listens. Paper driven, if you Laker hatin you aint ridin with me homie, you can gon and forget about splittin Swishers.


(Verse 3)
Had to pause to get my mind right, somewhere between 09 and last spring got my lines tight. Used to be at the 24 up on Slauson, like 24/7 crossin up ages 18 to 80 quick split the D and I lost em. Lil Slim you see on my side, slightly thinner than Kim but she just as eager to ride, its awesome. My OG had the Double R sittin outside. No tarp to cover it up, when you bossin you aint got shit to hide. Cant kill nothin wont nothin die, verses from the wise to the youngster followin on the rise. A simple word just aint gon cut it with these knuckleheads, we in, desperate need of them realer nigga scriptures instead. You the type to buckle in the midst of the struggle. Chuckle. Playa prolly ruffle ya feathers in inclement weather, scared, but however I'm luggin around this Nike duffle. Stackin my sour cream and cheddar ruffles. Nigga.


released May 27, 2014
Produced By Games Bond



all rights reserved


Lovell Los Angeles, California

An elevated thinker, for a more level-headed age. Lovell is the next level at all times.From Los Angeles to NYC, the young wordsmith is utterly captivating, boasting a more mature sound that has earned him the title of a Don.

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